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Governor and honorable legislators,

I, the undersigned, do not consent to my state government reassigning or reapportioning the state’s electoral votes, from a presidential election, based on the results of any election(s) outside of our state. I ask that you honor the will of the citizens, who legally vote in our state, over those outside our state when awarding our presidential electoral votes. Ensure our voices and our votes are heard and reject any bill that would ignore our choice for president in favor of votes from outside our state.

Our state electors collectively represent the entire population of the state. Likewise, our voters express the will of the entire population, even those who were not able or willing to vote. As a representative of legal residents of our state, your priority is to express their will. Ignoring the will of the majority of voters in the state is like ignoring the majority of the citizens you represent.

The Declaration of Independence reminds us that government derives its “just powers from the consent of the governed” As a citizen of our great state, I do not give consent, and therefore do not grant the power, to ignore the voices of our citizens and award our state’s electoral college votes to any candidate other than the winner of our state’s presidential election (or apportioned by a congressional district method in ME and NE).

I insist that you reject all attempts to change the results or the influence of our state elections based on external influences outside our state.

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